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In Indian philosophy and in the spiritual teachings deriving from it, Satsang is the company of persons who strive for the highest insight by listening, talking, thinking about and immersing in the teaching together.

Specially in Advaita Vedanta it is regarded to be necessary to listen to and reflect the teaching referred to as truth.

In particular, Satsang denominates the encounter with a spiritual teacher (Guru, Master) who is considered to be enlightened or awakened.

Today in the West there is a large number of teachers who partly combine traditional teachings of the East with modern psychological methods. 

Generally, in Satsang the students ask questions which are answered by the teacher. Furthermore, Satsang also can include elements like short lectures of the Master, meditating together, recitation or the like.

Rather more than imparting a teaching (in this respect the term ‘teacher’ can be misunderstood), the purpose of Satsang is that the students, due to the direct experience of the presence of the teacher, in a kind of resonance-phenomenon, shall experience their primal nature by themselves.

The community with other searchers shall have an additional supporting effect.