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Yoga of Silence
Yoga of Silence is knowledge-oriented (Epistemology) and regarding to its content it is related to the philosophy of Nondualism. The school of thought Nondualism (or Advaita) has been linked with Monism. Yoga of Silence has been founded and established by the Advaita-Master Madhukar.

In Yoga of Silence, no physical or mental exercises  (e.g. meditation, asanas) are practiced. The Western branch of Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Knowledge) is aimed at direct self-realization. In classical philosophical terms one speaks of self-consciousness or self-awareness. In the yogic traditions, “silence” denominates the timeless basis of existence, in which everything comes into being and vanishes again.

The core of Yoga of Silence is to focus on this silence in order to become “one” with it. This means to become quieter inwardly.

In this context the experience of Silence is not to be understood as a temporary meditative self-absorption. Rather more, the point is to merge into limitless consciousness. The resulting self-perception is said to be the basis for more serenity and taking joy in life.

Silence is the mightiest power in the universe. Through silence we can give up the importance of the own person and recognize our freedom.”

(Madhukar, Weimarer Visionen 10/2009) [1].

Yoga of Silence takes place publicly as day event or in retreats of several days’ duration.



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