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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Beloved Master,

Thank you from my heart for this autumn miracle in the Meisterspiel with you. In truth this miracle is beyond description. Thank you for shaking me again and again when I am losing humbleness and getting careless. Only a true Master has this love-power which is healing by sweet pain. I thank you forever that you have met me in this form, and I am looking forward very much to celebrate your birthday with you! Thank you beloved Guruji!

Love, Renate


Dear Madhukar!

No word can really explain how grateful I am to share all that love with you and all the people present here. The greatest request I have today is to go on feeling this love in each moment of my life. Much love!



Beloved Guruji

Straight from our loving heart we express our deepest love and gratitude for you beloved Madhukarji.

We are very, very happy to celebrate YOU, on this holy m-mas day!

Your presence is the most appreciated and the most beautiful present for us.
Bringing the most precious diamond into our life,
being the Source of sweetest grace,
being our most intimate Love,
being a firework of inspiration,
showing us how to live and celebrate this precious life healing, blessing, teaching, giving, protecting, dancing, laughing,
enjoying Flute playing – you are our beloved Sri Krisna!

Let's celebrate m-mas day
Let's celebrate you Beloved
Let's give thanks and praise to the One

Your loving Sangha

Dear Madhukarji!

I had a very nice dream yesterday. I met you and we hugged. I remember that you once told me that you seem to appear in your devotees dreams. They have told you so.
I feel good now. Calm and peaceful, inquire into the Self.
Yours devoted


My Gurudev Madhukarji!

You are the light shining so bright.
You are the living fire in my heart.
The holy presence illuminating the skies.
Your love is touching
Sweet kisses playing in my heart.

My Guru, I will follow the light forever.
The eternal gift offered by your grace.
Your holy presence.
The blissful realisation of Self.
Thank you for this gift.
I love you Madhukarji!

Elmar Carinthia