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'Wake me up' by Madhukar
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Video Series -
Event with Madhukar

1. See der Stille Satsang in German, Chiemsee
2. Finde heraus wer ist Satsang in German, Graz, Wien & Budapest
3. EINS - Leben mit Advaita Interview in German, Berlin
4. Clarity Interview in English, Berlin

In the DVD Clarity Madhukar answers the following questions:

What is the heart of your message?
There are old traditions in the east and also in the west, they told that enlightenment is the final goal of the evolution, of the person. Is it the same goal that you are talking about?
Sometimes you also talk of total freedom. But from a normal point of view is a certain kind of bondage desirable like friends or family?
What would be the difference in action or thinking between a person who has awakened to that truth and to an ordinary person who had not awakened to this?
If you would call this a kind of excellence in living, for example if you want to become excellent in the piano or excellent in understanding Einstein’s equations, you need time, you need time to learn. Why is no time involved in this awakening?
It must be something very deep otherwise not so many people would stay in ignorance about the real nature of life?
To realize this, some modern exponents say that the brain chemistry or the brain physiology has to change, some even describe practices to improve the brain functioning. Does it go together with your concept of reality?
How to do self-enquiry?
What is the role of the master in this context besides pointing to this reality? Is there a kind of transmission involved in the Satsangs for example?
Is it at all possible to awaken without the help of an awakened master?
What was the most obvious thing that changes in your life after you awakened to that truth?
After recognizing this power, are there stages of awakening and can one fall out of this grace?
Where is motivation coming from after one realized that there is nobody there?
Did the quality of your motivations changed when you look back?
If the truth is always there and the person as such is not real, is awakening something that can be achieved? And if it can be achieved is it so to say fixed in space and time when a person will awaken to that truth? Is it faith?
Is there a kind of transmission taking place when you are looking in the eyes of your visitors?
Is there a difference from your side whether someone holds to be a student or a disciple or just a free listener?
Some of your visitors may awaken to the truth, some might come for years and still have the same kind of conflicts, is this frustrating for a teacher?
Is there anything you recommend to grow or to stick to that truth?


Core of my message
Enlightenment and awakening
Family and friends
Persons never wake up
Excellence of living
Snake and rope
Practice troubles you
Love from the beginning
Secret power
Person stays person
Self looking at self
Everybody is welcome
Enjoy peace
Just be happy

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dvd_fiore Video DVD

Il Fiore del Nirvana -
The flower of Nirvana

What is enlightenment?
This question is clarified through interviews with Madhukar and nine other enlightened Masters. The documentary film from the Italian film maker Siddhi shows the path to realization and freedom from suffering.
Italian with German and English subtitles.

ISBN: 8875077967
1.Edition July 2007

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