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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Kära Madhukarji!

Jag hade en väldig trevlig dröm i går. Jag mötte dig och vi kramade om varandra.
Jag minns, att du en gång berättade att du tycks förekomma i dina hängivna anhängares drömmar. Det har de sagt till dig.
Jag mår bra nu. Lugn och fridfull. Själverinran och hängivenhet.

Din tillgivne



My Gurudev Madhukarji!

You are the light shining so bright.
You are the living fire in my heart.
The holy presence illuminating the skies.
Your love is touching
Sweet kisses playing in my heart.

My Guru, I will follow the light forever.
The eternal gift offered by your grace.
Your holy presence.
The blissful realisation of Self.
Thank you for this gift.
I love you Madhukarji!

Elmar Carinthia


Dear Master Madhukarji!

I am at first time on your retreat. Near you I feel a strong stream of energy. It goes upwards as if there's a volcano inside of me. At this time I feel joy and my face smiles.

Thank you for your silence and peace.

With love,



Dearest Madhukar

With all my heart I want to thank you for the possibility to meet you here in
Sweden. An enormous opportunity and an enormous grace both for Sweden
and for us.
I also want to thank you for making me so incredibly happy and for
encouraging me in different ways.
For that I am so grateful.
With deepest Love and Gratitude



Dear Madhukar!

It was an absolutely beautiful Satsang with you this weekend in Berlin. So
much joy of life and goodness and love and clarity emanates from you!
That has been transferred to me, and I believe to the entire Sangha. So
much exuberance, hilarity, serenity, joy, laughter and at the same time
Thank you!!!