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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Dear Master Madhukar,

What a wonderful satsang with you in Turku. I wish I could recall all You said to me. They were wonder so important words!!
I ponder and think about what You said about Ramana and that making contact with Him was enough and that all work from my side was done and that now I could surrender and let THAT do its work.
I have a deep peace in my heart and get this deep urge to close my eyes when I think of You and The I.
Love, devotion and gratefulness

Björn Dhala
Turku, Finnland

My beloved Master,

"You're bringing back the Buddha to me Madhukar"
And that is
What it truelly means for me to be with you
By feeling your presence
Beyond all distance

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hello Madhukar!

When I read this (below) I get so happy because I have felt this for a loooong time, and "nobody" agree in what I "know". But you do! "You are already free! Look! This is very special. Before you had to go somewhere, into the jungle, in a cave, and if you were very lucky, you met a master, who had this understanding of absolute freedom, because most gurus donit know this. They teach you that you have to do this, you have to do that. And this cannot be freedom. Whenever you have to do something, it is not freedom."

Love Clarie-Ann from Sweden

To Madhukar

Most Satsang-holders need some kind of equipment - in the form of therapy, methods or structures. You are the brilliant exception. You don't need any equipment for satsang.
These are just toys for playing!
Grateful having met you!

Jagi (Harnösand, Sweden)