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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Dear Madhukar,

Now I know that you are giving satsang in dreamtime, too. This night you were giving satsang and you were laughing at me because sometimes I'm too serious about things and my ego don't allow me to laugh at myself. I took it in because you were there and then I realised to be more humble (even my ego is not happy about it) and let everything flow back to "God".
Thanks for being available

Love, Karen

In your endless and eternal love, I am melting.

Every cell of my being is losing its coldness and stiffness and starts dancing. Dancing like dewdrops in the morning sun. Dancing and rejoying with every beat of my heart. Your Love, my Love is the true place of life. It's the place of fire and Heat; of Silence and rest.
I close my eyes,
I open my eyes.
All the fights inside are over.
I look into your eyes, deeply touched and full of Love


Beloved Master!

I know today is organizer's meeting in Chiemsee. In this year I can't be there physically, but of course my heart is... I'm very fine. Now my job is not really good, because my boss will bankrupt his company. The life is always changing, so I will see what will come to me. No words to write about That. I Love You