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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Dear Madhukar!

The retreat in Skeppsudden was a blessing for me. On a very special occasion, in a very special satsang I was blessed. There was absolute trust, peace and love. This continued.
(Silence is very deep when writing this).

Dear Madhukar!

Daily living is just fine. Often I feel like actions taking place by itselves. I don´t know if others notice any change in me. Sometimes I must be on my own for letting peace in again. Honestly, I don´t know if this, being here and now, is something temporary or if it will stay. Thoughts goes on as before (like summerclouds in the sky). My being is not in thoughts.

Dear Madhukar! Dear Master!

I am so happy and thankful! Like have been wakened up to a beautiful summerday. The sky is blue, the grass is green and the lake is a shimmering silence without words.
Yours sincerly and devoted

Anders Bolger